Why Palestine but not Kashmir?

It's the most militarised zone in the world, curfews are enforced onto the population and checkpoints are used to control who goes in and who comes out. You may think this describes Palestine, but it's actually a description of Kashmir. In 1947, when Britain left India, Kashmir was a princely state. A state that got... Continue Reading →


ICYMI – Your Catch Up For January! — The Muslim Diaspora

As we come to a close for January, Haleema Akhtar provides a short summary of the key events surrounding Muslims over the last month. From the L’Oreal controversy regarding Amena Khan, to the banning of the hijab in our primary schools, we discuss how 2018 has begun for Muslims. 2018 has marked a pretty crazy […]... Continue Reading →

‘Happy Independence Day’

'Happy Independence Day' 'Independence'. What is independence when the British decided to operate on India. To surgically ruin her and to create lasting wounds. In just a few days, a line was drawn by a man who knew not a thing about the different cultural groups and sensitivities. A man who didn't know he was... Continue Reading →

Tales from my Grandma pt 2

To continue with the tales from my grandma, I'd like to focus on a story she told me a few days ago that isn't escaping me. As is widely known, partition displaced many people. People suddenly found themselves unsafe in their homes and needing to migrate to their new homes. The word 'home' became a... Continue Reading →

Tales from my Grandma

The 70th anniversary of the partition of India is fast approaching. I prefer to think about partition as a process rather than an event, a process that is not yet complete and perhaps, never will be. I attended an event at Birkbeck Uni run by Consented entitled 'Decolonising Partition' which got me thinking about my... Continue Reading →

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